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It’s Colombia, not Columbia

Columbia is a university in New York city,  the capital city of South Carolina,   the western Canada cost, a Canadian rockies ice fielda sportswear brand. But the name of one of the most beautiful and happy countries located in South America, known for its wonderful coffee and flowers It’s COLOMBIA, not Columbia!

Colombia name has been misspelled too many times around the world. This is something that Colombians do not appreciate at all.  A couple years ago a very creative social media campaign was created, by an agency in Bogotá. The objective was “to get people around the world saying Colombia’s name correctly, but also to show the good our country has to offer like music, flowers, coffee, biodiversity and most importantly more than forty millions of happy and welcoming people trying to make a difference.”

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If you would like to know more about the campaign you can visit it at  Twitter or Facebook.

I’m confident that none of you would need to be corrected when spelling my country’s name. So Please Remember

It’s COLOMBIA, not Columbia!




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Canada day celebrations at the best Colombian Style !

When it is time to celebrate, Colombians like to do to it BIG.

I was gladly surprised today, July 1st, to have seen so many Canadians celebrating our 149th  anniversary with the best Colombian spirit. Canada is the most multicultural country in the world and it is an honour to see how Colombia is becoming such an important part of it by bringing and sharing our culture and traditions for all to enjoy!

Canada day celebrations - Colombian Style

Below is a video of one of today’s celebrations at Oakville ON, where many Canadians learned how to Salsa dance with great Colombian teachers at Taste of Colombia.

Enjoying the best coffee and music, the celebrations continued until around 10 pm where fireworks took place at Bronte Harbour.

Hope to see more Salsa and Colombian spirit next Canada Day!




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Colombia Football Team, one more reason to be proud!

After a 16 year absence Colombia returned to the World Cup in 2014.

A near perfect game brought them to the quarterfinal stage,  achieving the 5th place and the Fair Play Award in the most important sport world competition.

The main Star player was James Rodriguez who went beyond any dream by winning the  Golden Boot with an impressive record.

Revalidating this recognition, Colombia’s team participated at Copa América Centenary 2016.

This leading global soccer tournament took place in US. Once again Colombia made a remarkable presentation achieving a third-place finish at the tournament after beating the US selection.

Those achievements have consolidated Colombia’s national football team as one of the best teams of the world. One more reason to celebrate and feel proud of being Colombian!

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Colombian Music – Delight for the Soul

Colombian Music is a wonderful expression of our culture.

It has thousands of different Rhythms such as cumbia, pop, salsa, classical, rock, vallenato and many more.

Colombian music artists are also as diverse and rich as the country itself.

Many of them have constantly achieved international awards, recognition and have played important social impact and support in different ways.

Today I will leave you with the names of four of the most influential Colombian Music Artists:


Colombian music artists

In future posts  we will explore more deeply about their music and social causes. In the mean time, enjoy this wonderful video made in Colombia in 2015 with many Colombian music artists:

Colombian Music Artists Video – “La tierra del olvido”



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The Colombian Peace Process. #SiALaPaz !!

Today is a memorable, remarkable day for Colombia. It is time to Celebrate, time for a new beginning, time to be happy, to say yes to the peace and to be optimistic and proud of being Colombian!

After a 5o years conflict that has cost more than 220 thousands of deaths, the  Colombian government signed today an accord with the FARC, the most dangerous and biggest guerrilla in the country, for “A Bilateral and Definitive Ceasefire, Cessation of Hostilities, and Laying Aside of Weapons” many details still under revision such as: the surrender of weapons, the concentration of guerrillas in special places, participation in politics by the guerrilla leaders, transitional justice so that there is no impunity. But the hardest part of the peace process agreement have now been checked.

Many Canadian friends have recently asked me, if we Colombians are happy about this. For me the only possible answer to this question is a definite and big fat YES!!! 


We are very happy. It represents a huge step, a tremendous milestone that was never achieved before. We have to be hopeful,  because …

Colombian people deserve PEACE!

Welcome to a new beginning… #SiALaPaz





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Gabriel García Márquez – Novel Prize in Literature 1982

This post is dedicated to one of the best novelist and writers around the world who I profoundly admire.

Gabriel García Marquez , also known as Gabo

He was the most famous and influent Colombian writer. He received a lot of recognitions and awards throughout his life being the most important one:

The Prize Nobel of Literature in 1982.

He wrote many non-fiction works, short stories and novels.

His work style was labeled as “magic realism

It reflects the culture and daily customs of Colombians. The most notable was One Hundred Years of Solitude set in a fictional village called Macondo taking us to the Colombian history of the last century.

He died in 2014. The President of Colombia, described him as:

“The greatest Colombian who ever lived.”